Creating a perfect and flawless makeup base

Creating a perfect and flawless makeup base

As a skin-cultured makeup, Foundation is applied to the face for several reasons:

(i) to create an even tone & uniform color to the complexion; (ii) to cover flaws; and (iii) to change the natural skin tone.

Other functions of foundations: as moisturizer, as sun screen; and as astringent or base layer for more complex cosmetics. Making preparation with the right color base is very important for every makeup, especially for the bright color designs. What every woman wishes for is a flawless complexion, unfortunately no one is blessed with a perfect skin.


How to create a flawless makeup base:

• Start fresh
Start with a clean face and clean hands by using a cleanser to clear the skin of any previous makeup. Follow with a moisturizer containing SPF.

• Prime and conceal
Use primer evenly throughout the face. Apply concealer under eyes and blemishes using the tip of the stick and apply lightly to areas that need it most. Your ring finger that naturally has the lightest touch will be best used to smudge concealer across skin.

• Brush on your foundation
A foundation brush is needed to apply either a moisturizer or liquid foundation. Ask a professional makeup artist’s advice to determine what kind of shade or brand of make-up will be the best for your skin.

• Set it to last
Set your foundation with a loose powder. Be sure to use a large powder brush. By adding a loose powder, the foundation will set and become more long lasting.

• Color match
Your jawline is the best place for matching the shade. Apply your foundation sparingly once you have selected your kind of color. The foundation must even be the tone of your skin as it is not a mask.

• Concealer tips
Apply the concealer after using a liquid or cream foundation,; however, apply the concealer before the foundation if you are using the powder form.
• Powder perfect
A puff or brush is used to apply finishing powder first to the areas that easily get oily like in the T-zone. Follow it up by applying light dusting powder over all parts of the face.


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