How to Detox your Skin after the holidays

How to Detox your Skin after the holidays

All those late-night parties, yummy delights, and fun-filled indulgences during your holidays may leave your skin dull, dry, and uneasy. Here are some ways to help you detox your skin after the holidays:


Eat Right

We all know how food influences every aspect of our existence from weight and body shape to healthy skin and hair. But we often forget this while devouring over our favorites treats during the holidays. While you still feel tempted to try all the tasty delights from your nearby bakery, it is time to give yourself a diet makeover for complete detoxification. Eat the foods that can help in boosting the radiance of your skin while reducing the signs of aging. You should eat foods containing abundant essential fatty acids like olive oil or flaxseed oil. Also, include protein-rich sources like eggs and lean beef into your diet. Vegetables packed with antioxidants such as red bell peppers and carrots are always beneficial in improving your complexion.


Cut Back On Sugary Meals

Keep your sugar intake in check no matter how much you feel tempted to drink those sugary cocktails and try those flavorful cookies. An excess intake of sugar can leave your body and skin feeling vulnerable. On the contrary, slowly easing out on sugar consumption can help in restoring your energy and pre-holiday glow.



Sleep Well

After all those sleepless nights and sleepy after-party days, you sincerely require readjusting your sleep-wake cycle. Sleep is the time when your body fixes itself. You should give yourself ample sleep for the detoxification to work more effectively. It is important to stick to a daily sleep-wake routine.


Follow A Skincare Regimen

Keep your skin clean, hydrated, exfoliated, and nourished with a regular skincare regimen. In no time, you will find your skin gaining back its natural glow and pre-holiday radiance. It is important to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. You can also give your skin a good massage with some soothing body oils.


Exercise And Yoga

Try some calming and de-stressing exercises to detoxify your skin. Regular exercises calm and cool your body system by breaking the inflammation cycle. This further reduces the production of DHEA and DHT hormones which are responsible for causing acne. Restore your energy balance with some quick Yoga postures. Yoga is a sure-fire way to boost your mood and ensure self-healing not just physically but physiologically as well. A small 20-30 minutes session of Yoga each day is enough to put you back on track towards a detoxified skin and energized body.



Drink More Water To Stay Hydrated

Start your day with a sip of warm lemon water. It will alkalize your body and revive metabolism. Consume enough water throughout the day. It will help your kidney and liver to further detoxify your body by filtering out toxins. Consuming green tea before and after a meal also helps in strengthening the metabolism and treat digestive problems. Green tea soothes the digestive tract with its carminative effects.

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