Liquid highlighter vs powder highlighter

Liquid highlighter vs powder highlighter

Through make-up, a woman enhances her beauty. One kind of make-up is called the highlighter. Basically, highlighter is make-up of the face attracting light to create an illusion of height and brightness; therefore, it is the light from within. Celebrity uses this technique as ads-on to contouring in order to raise positive features and minimize the negative ones. Highlighter can create a youthful when applied properly. It makes your lips look poutier when applied in the bow of your lips. You will have the lips of Angelina Jolie, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kerry Washington and lots of other celebrities.


About highlighting

Since Kim Kardashian appeared onto the scene showing her incredibly contoured and highlighted face, highlighting has never been the same. From this time on, strobing has become overwhelmingly popular, and every Jane, Gail and Anne seems to be jousting for the ultimate highlighter.

In liquid or in powder, highlighter is a useful make-up. Either form offers you the different perk or sometimes you are trying to know their difference based on formulation and come up to know what is better.
Highlighting has many different forms and techniques. Whether you are using a simple dusting powder to highlight a tear duct or your lips’ Cupid’s bow or full-blown highlights under-eyelids, your technique options are endless. Make-up gurus are ready to teach you how to make an extraordinary contour, and there will always be some criticisms, the technique is awesome for being over-the-top, it doesn't matter if you love the bright look.

Liquid highlighters


The consistency of liquid highlighters can be your oily skin problem as they are likely to slip as the day progresses. Liquid highlight is the best for you if your skin is dry. Plus, not like other formulations, their concentration is less. Liquid is the perfect highlighter to achieve the natural, dewy finish, and its application is incredibly versatile. Mix a small bit of highlight into your foundation to create a beautiful all-over glow. To create more concentrated glow, apply tiny dabs of highlighter following your face’s high points.

Powder highlighters
Potent formulation is the highlights of the powder. Having strong concentration of shimmer, it is easy to overdo. However, powder is also the most suitable formulation for oily skin. Blend seamlessly into your foundation while using a light hand, and be wary as it's likely to become greasy and easily slips off.
Powder highlights are meant to be used only on the high points of the face. Don't highlight with shimmer and try to contour your face. If you like strobbing, use powder as it is easily controllable as long as your brush is not full of the full of the product.


Basically, no highlighter of any form is perfect as they have their ups and downs. Liquids and powders are different; make sure you keep your skin and preferences in mind.

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