The only 5 items you need in your Makeup bag

The only 5 items you need in your Makeup bag

For most women, makeup is a must have before leaving their house. Some women feel naked without them. And of course, some feel the most confident with makeup on. One of the most essential in a woman’s life is a makeup pouch. Over time, the makeup pouch has grown into a makeup bag due to the demand of the occasions. More meetings, more events, more job to do means more touch-ups. But really, there is no need to bring your entire cabinet. You essential could be trimmed down to the only five items you need in your makeup bag. You can still feel and look great with these most beneficial makeup items.

1.BB Cream with SPF 50

Having a BB cream with SPF is an important addition to your beauty habit. This is to prevent possible damage to your skin which can be caused by the sun. Protect your skin from skin cancer by placing this item in your makeup bag. When looking for the right BB cream, go with the one that matches your tone and does not feel cakey on your skin.

2.Color for Lips and Cheeks

Lip products tend to occupy most of the space in our makeup bags. We have tens and tens of lipsticks in a different shade. Actually, there is no need to bring everything, there is one product that can solve this. Go for liquid lip stain which can give you long-lasting color. It can also be applied easily on your lips and even on your cheeks.


Busy women struggle with hiding their eye bags. Nobody wants to wear it as a badge of honor. Concealer is the solution to the problem. Opt for a concealer that offers two shades, you can mix and blend and you can experiment especially on highlighting. Other tips for picking the ideal concealer are to match your predominant skin tone. If you miss this step you will end up highlighting those uneven tones, zit, dark spots or eye bags.


In most lists of beauty and skin care items, moisturizer in always included. Because moisturizer is perhaps one of the most essential items in a beauty routine. Imagine applying makeup over the parched or dry skin, Moisturizers will keep your skin hydrated creating a nice palette for makeup to be applied on.

How does moisturizer work? They are formulated to lock the water inside the skin. When choosing a moisturizer, go for the product which does not feel too greasy. This product has the tendency to blog or clog your pores. The proper way of using moisturizer is to wash your face in the morning and apply a thin layer of moisturizer on your face. Let the lotion fry fully. Skin care experts say that women must moisturize before bedtime if they want to wake up with radiant faces.


Actually, it does not matter what time of mascara you can get your hands on. There are different types of mascara which include thickening, lengthening, and volumizing. Just take the best pick or the type you already used to. Mascara helps add more drama to the eyes.

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